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LNG liquid gas reservoirs Cameron, United States of America

Project data

Location: Cameron, United States

3 circular containers for liquid gas storage with 77.50 m inner diameter and 43.80 m wall height each

Construction period: until 2007


  • simultaneous manufacturing of 3 reservoirs
  • diminution of the wall cross section from 90 cm to 75 cm
  • consideration of reinforced shear walls


Baker Concrete Constr., Houston

Customer's benefit

  • saving of expensive tie points (only two tie layers at 4.65 m concreting height)
  • moving of VARIO and CB as climbing unit in one crane lift
  • climbing in 2-week cycle
  • smooth and safe striking and moving
  • punctual completion
LNG Statement - Vernon Abney, Foreman
Vernon Abney

Striking and moving worked easily and safely. It only took us 13 days for one concreting section with the PERI climbing formwork solutions, and thus we are able to adhere to our schedule.

PERI solution

  • delivery of 468 completely pre-assembled, rounded-out VARIO panels, 3.20 m wide and 4.90 m high
  • 80 climbing units for each reservoir, supported by CB 240 climbing platforms
  • friction-locked connection with VARIO articulated coupling