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Bridge renovation Ponte Rio Tua, Portugal

Project data

Location: Vila Real, Portugal

Renovation of the 70-year old and 120m long arched bridge over the Rio Tua

Length: 120 m
Width of arch span: 80 m
construction period: 2009


  • safe access to all construction parts
  • load-bearing working platforms for repair work
  • short construction time of only 7 months


Conduril S.A., Ermesinde

Customer's benefit

  • finished before scheduled construction time
  • fast erection
  • high load-bearing capacity
  • flexible possibilities for adjustments
Bernardo Carmo, Construction Manager, Ponte Rio Tua
Bernardo Carmo
Construction Manager

In addition to the fast erection, PERI UP offers a high load-bearing capacity. Therefore it was also possible to work on the platforms with heavy material, a crane was not necessary. The scaffolding system was also so flexible that unforeseen adjustments due to inaccurate plans of the structure had no negative impact on the scaffolding solution and the construction sequence.

PERI solution

  • adaptable scaffolding solution
  • protruding scaffolding erection with UBK node brace
  • system decking covers the whole area, no dangerous gaps
  • integrated access facilities

PERI systems in use