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RCS Rail Climbing System

RCS Rail Climbing System: The universal modular system for a wide range of applications
Both system variants – formwork scaffolding and climbing protection panel – can also be climbed by means of mobile hydraulic units, and thus crane-independent.
Rail-guided climbing takes place quickly and safely by crane also in windy conditions or, as an option, crane-independently with mobile climbing hydraulics.
RCS Rail Climbing System: The formwork is securely mounted on the carriage and can be retracted by 90 cm without the use of the crane. Due to the roller bearings, it is easy to operate as well as being jerk-free.


The RCS combines the advantages of different climbing systems in a modular system and is used as climbing formwork as well as a climbing protection panel. Through the rail-guided climbing, the climbing unit is securely connected to the building at all times which makes the climbing procedure fast and safe also in windy conditions. The units are moved by crane or by means of mobile climbing hydraulics to the next section. RCS is easily adapted to suit jobsite-specific requirements.

Safe rail-guided procedure
The moving unit is connected at all times to the building by means of a climbing shoe

Flexible mounting
The climbing shoe can be attached to the walls as well as slab edges

Variable assembly
Due to the 125 mm hole arrangement of the climbing rails, the platforms can be optimally adapted to suit the respective storey heights

Technical Details

  • Rail-guided, safe climbing procedure for wall formwork, working platforms and enclosures
  • 125 mm hole arangement in the rails for aligning the platforms to suit the height of the storey
  • Building authority approved standard anchoring for walls and slabs; if required, also with a horizontally-arranged climbing rail for larger cantilevers
  • Optional self-climbing in 50 cm increments with mobile self-climbing devices
  • Compatible with components of the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit


RCS C Formwork Scaffolding

as standard use for supporting wall formwork for storey heights of 2.70 m to 4.50 m; with carriage (90 cm retraction distance)

Light Climbing Formwork RCS CL

for external facades and cores in advance of medium-height buildings leading with limited crane capacities and times

RCS P Climbing Protection Panel and Guardrails

enclosure and guardrails provide gap-free protection for work carried out on the building shell floors