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PERI’s international student competition successfully completed for the 13th time

Nov 26, 2021

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Nov 26, 2021
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Awards for the prize winners of PERI Construction Exercise, Weißenhorn

PERI offers all educational institutions involved in the field of construction the opportunity to participate in its well-known Construction Exercise, which not only provides valuable experience with specific practical application but also the chance to win attractive cash prizes.

With a prize fund of EUR 20,000, the international PERI Construction Exercise is a competition open to all students worldwide studying construction at an educational institution. The aim of the competition is to connect the construction operation content of the course – in particular the areas of work preparation and formwork technology – with a high degree of practical relevance. At the same time, the competition is an excellent opportunity for students to establish initial contacts with potential employers and to gain insights into the supply industry.

Construction Exercise 2020 | 2021 has been adjudged

On the 17th November 2021, the 5 best teams have been informed via e-mail about their placement. For the first time in 26 years, the final qualification could not take place in presence at PERI´s headquarters in Weissenhorn, Germany, due to the Corona pandemic. The interest in the competition was once again very good: the competition's website attracted over 60,000 hits, and the participation documents were requested or downloaded almost 300 times from a total of 22 countries.

Finally, 23 comprehensive solutions were submitted in time for the closing date. The international participation from Canada and Croatia is particularly pleasing.

In order to evaluate the total of 2300 pages with plans and attachments, the expert jury took a whole week. The correction matrix consisted of 439 individual items, whereby the task parts were weighted differently. Thus, after several days of concentrated and intensive work, the result was clear.

1st place              

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden
Benjamin Wild and Massimo Bissinger
Prize money 5000,- Euro

2nd place              

Leipzig University of Applid Sciences
Jannes Gredig
Prize money 4000,- Euro

3rd place              

Technische Universität Braunschweig
Merle Hanker and Felix Deecke
Prize money 3000,- Euro

4th place              

Berlin School of Economics and Law
University of Applied Sciences
Magdalena Merda-Phiel and Anika Wiedemann
Prize money 2000,- Euro

5th place              

University of Applied Sciences, Munich
Valerie Ritter
Prize money 1500,- Euro
Congratulations to the winners!

The documents for the new PERI Construction Exercise 2022 | 2023 can be requested free of charge at